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Now introducing
dog training!

Interested in dog training?

Click the link below to sign up for a consultation!

Meet our Trainer, Phaedra!

     Animals have always been a big part of my life. I have over 20 years experiences taking care of all animals from domestic to wild. Starting with the most amazing experience on a Lion conservation camp in Africa as an assistant caretaker for big cats such as Lions, Leopards, and Cheetahs. Working in this environment taught me that establishing a calm, confident, and loving relationship with animals, is key to creating a healthy human-canine relationship.
     Dogs teach us to be present and joyful in our hectic lives, but this can be easily thrown off balance if we don't understand our role in the relationship. I specialize in training pet owners to effectively communicate and connect with their dog. I'm trained in modifying dog behaviors, dog rehabilitation, general obedience, agility, and puppy training. No two dogs are exactly alike therefore my approach is tailored to the needs of both you and your dog. My passion for selfless service of humanity, evident by my 25 years in the Military, drives me to make every experience with your dog a sacred one. 
     Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!      

Play & Train

45 Minute Training - Per Session

Our trainer will take your dog out of daycare to work on basic obedience, leash walking skills, and impulse control. Dogs must be in daycare prior to training session. Owner will not be present for this training session.

Single Session - $130 + daycare fee

5 Session Package - $600 + daycare fee

Agility Training

Boost your dog's confidence and improve your bond with, Agility Training! Agility also helps improve balance and coordination. It is fun and challenges your dog both mentally and physically!

Owner Present, 45 minutes:

Single Session: $160

5 Session Package: $750 (save $50)

Owner Not Present, 45 minutes:

Single Session: $130

5 Session Package: $600 (save $50)

Private Training

Private training sessions are available and customizable either at Dozo Dog locations or your home!*

Single Session at dozo dog: $160

5 Session Package at dozo dog: $750 (save $50)

Single Session at home/outside: $200

5 Sessions at home/outside: $950 (save $50)

10 Sessions at dozo dog: $1,450 (save $150, $15/session)

10 Sessions at home/outside: $1,850 (save $150, $15/session)

*Cancellation Policy*

If cancelled within 24 hours, customer will be charged full price for services booked.


*All training packages expire six months from the date of purchase* 

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