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the story

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   Our love of dogs started with our Italian greyhound we had for 18 years, his name was Jacomo.


   Jacomo was a healthy and happy pup for most of his life, but when he turned 16 he started to get sick and eventually lost the use of both back legs. We built him a wheelchair which seemed to help but he still needed 24/7 care and attention. Many doggy daycares refused to watch him and flat out told us “NO” because he was too much work for them. After searching the city, we finally found a place that accepted him. We truly believe that as a result of that extra love and care Jacomo was able to be with us for an extra couple of years.

   Driven this experience, our dream became to open a doggy daycare that accepts all dogs, no matter what. We love and care for healthy dogs and senior dogs, regardless of their disability or need for special care. We are here to provide a better life for all dogs... and their owners too!

   Welcome to dozo dog, you are loved. 

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