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Consultation Questionnaire
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1. When the doorbell rings, does your dog bark and/or run to the door?
2. Does your dog demand attention by asking to be petted or to play?
3. Does your dog jump up on visitors (and sometimes you)?
4. Does your dog ignore you when you call him/her to come?
5. Does he exhibit destructive behaviors, i.e., ruining furniture, etc?
6. Does your dog attempt to escape from your house or yard?
7. Does your dog have housebreaking accidents in the home
8. Does he chew on items such as shoes, children's toys, trash, etc?
9. Does your dog play too roughly with children and/or adults?
10. Does your dog bark while outside, at passers-by, or just about anything?
11. When left alone, does your dog show signs of "separation anxiety"?
12. Does your dog dig holes in the yard?
13. Does your dog show unusual behavior or anxiety at the vet hospital?
14. Does your dog "steal" items, such as food from counters or tables?
15. When in a "stay", does your dog leave the stay before being released?
16. Does your dog show any aggression toward other dogs or people?
17. Does your dog run up the stairs and/or through doorways ahead of you?
18. Does your dog walk ahead of you or pull you when on the leash?
19. Does your dog mouth or nip people's hands, arms, or feet?
20. Has your dog ever bitten a person or another dog?

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